Mees Vervuurt (2000) is a composer and director based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
In his work, he abstracts the absurdism in our everyday lifes, which are normally hidden, or can only exist in our inner worlds.
The stuttering of a voice, the moving atonal harmonies of howling wolves, or the ongoing falling harmonies of strings, are some examples of sound fascinations that Mees uses to research the dramaturgy of the concept.

By showing these inner worlds in a music, but also image and performance focused way, he attempts to show these creaking thoughts, causing the opening of a sometimes uncomfortable world that touches in the breaking moment of sound.

His work is known for it’s interdisciplinairy, poetical character with strong theatrical and visual aspects where live sound always has the main focus.

Mees graduated this year from the Music Performance Art studies at the HKU Utrecht Conservatory with Honours in Composition. His works have been performed at the O. Festival (Rotterdam) and Tête-à-Tête Festival (London). For his internship Mees worked with Peeping Tom on ‘La Visita’ in Brussels (BE) and Reggio Emilia (IT). In 2022 STABAT MATER has been nominated for the HKU Awards. 

Besides his projects, Mees is also co-founder and member of the alternative popband DEUX MILLE.

Mees studied Composition with Ned McGowan and Wiek Hijmans at Musician 3.0.

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